Tech Savvy

Ohio University

Tech Savvy: a day-long STEM career conference for girls in grades 6-9 and the adults who support them. Dr. Hormozi annually hosts this program in her research laboratory.


Technology Camp for High School Girls

Ohio University

A three-day residential experience camp gives female high school students the opportunity to explore careers specifically in engineering and technology. Dr. Hormozi annually hosts this program in her research laboratory.


Visco-Plastic Fluids: From Theory to Application

Udine May 30 - June 3 2016

Coordinators: Sarah Hormozi (Ohio University, Athens, USA), Guillaume Ovarlez (Université de Bordeaux, PESSAC, France)

The proposed course is designed for advanced graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers across several disciplines (e.g., Mathematics, Physics and Engineering), with the aim of providing them with tools and techniques that are essential in performing research on the flow problems of visco-plastic fluids. Notably, we envision a broad and lively discussion of all the theoretical developments, analytical and computational methodologies, recent experimental methods and existing applications. For more information, see the flyer.

Fluid Mechanics Movie Nights

Dr. Sarah Hormozi and her students in ME6900 host a series of movie nights (see bellow) to show some videos from National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF). In addition, complementary movies, pictures and presentations will be used to get a better understanding of the subjects.


Surface Tension in Fluid Mechanics
Low Reynolds Number Flow & Rheological Behavior of Fluid
Fluid Dynamics of Drag Part I & Part II
Fluid Dynamics of Drag Part III & Part IV
Vorticity, Part 1 & Part 2
Rotating Flows & Secondary Flow
Flow Instabilities & Flow Visualization Boundary Layer Control & Fundamental Boundary Layers Stratified Flow & Waves in Fluids

Science Cafe Talk

The Physics and Future of Cornstarch

What would you say if someone told you that a common household product could let you walk on water, or that it was potentially the future of military-grade armor? Cornstarch, when mixed with water, is complicated, to say the least. Logic tells us that a substance must exist in one state at any given time. So how does this complex fluid act as both a solid and a liquid simultaneously? Cornstarch is so familiar to us, yet it has properties that completely baffle the mind with seemingly endless and awe-inspiring possibilities for industrial uses. The Science Café presentation is about cornstarch’s composition and what makes it so unique.

Video link: http://livestream.com/ohiocas/events/6113883

Mathematics in Silly Putty, Ketchup & Cornstarch

Science talk to public, sponsored by Tau Beta Pi and the Mechanical Engineering Student Advisory Board, 29 Nov 2017 (Invited lecture).

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